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About the Fund

The Joint Stock Company “Real estate fund “Samruk-Kazyna” was established in accordance with the Government Resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 6. 03.2009 No. 265 «Concerning the certain measures for solution of problems on the real estate market ».
The sole shareholder of the Real estate Fund is National Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna JSC.


Supporting the development of the construction industry and real estate market of the Republic of Kazakhstan through anchor development of megaprojects, investment in construction with the use of green technology and implementation of innovations into the construction industry.


A leading company for anchor development of megaprojects and implementation of innovations into the construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The strategic areas of the Company:

I. Increasing the long-term value of the Company.
II. Implementation of innovation into the construction industry.

Main goals of the first strategic area “Increasing the long-term value of the Company” are:

1. Become an anchor developer in implementation of megaprojects. The Company plans to invest in megaprojects within urban agglomerations development policy (“Development of Regions” programme) as well as in the framework of the government programme of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan.
2. Commercial real estate development. The Company plans to engage in the commercial projects only in those market segments where private capital is active insufficiently.
3. Increasing performance efficiency. A critical success factor for the implementation of projects is to improve the internal processes of the Company, corporate governance system and effective personnel management.

Main goals of the second strategic area “Implementation of innovation into the construction industry” are:

1. Real estate development with the use of green technologies. This goal involves the construction of Green Quarter as part of the preparation for the exhibition EXPO-2017 as well as green residential complexes, certified in accordance with the standards of green construction. The Company becomes the first developer in the country, forming a new segment of the real estate market.
2. Transfer of leading practices in the real estate development. The Company intends to implement projects with partners holding expertise on innovation in construction, and then use the knowledge gained in the implementation of future projects.

The Development Strategy will be executed within two stages:

1. In 2014-2016: Completion of current commitment undertaken in regards to “Affordable Housing – 2020” Programme in 2016. Additionally, by the end of 2016 the implementation of Green Quarter – a pilot green project – is planned.
2. In 2017-2023: Implementation of projects towards new strategic areas. In the second stage, the Company will implement megaprojects, projects in the green property development, commercial real estate development and will actively introduce innovations into the construction industry by using the latest technology and through forming partnerships with the industry experts and technology suppliers.

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