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Frequently asked questions

Where can I get information on regulations of housing distribution and obtaining?

The Real Estate Fund is one of the operators of “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme. This programme was approved by the Government on the 21th of June, 2012. For the time being, the works on development of regulations of selling housing and commercial premises of the Real Estate Fund within “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme are being accomplished, and they will be posted on the corporative web site of the Real Estate Fund www.fnsk.kz after the approval

How can I buy an apartment?

Apartment selling will be performed in 2 ways: direct sale and rent with buy-out

Who is entitled to buy an apartment?

All citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can buy real estate, but the priority at application acceptance will be given to people who don’t have residential space or who need to improve their living conditions. Private persons may implement their right to buy residential premises within this Programme, but not more than once.

Who is entitled to buy an apartment through rent with buy-out?

Any person who wish to do so and who has a confirmed income, sufficient for paying of rental charges and major renter’s costs. The priority at application acceptance will be given to citizen categories who don’t own residential space or who are in need to improve their living conditions.

When does the acceptance of applications for the first facilities start?

The date of accepting of applications and conditions of housing allocation will be available as soon as the documents regulating means and methods of allocation are approved. Currently, amendments to the housing allocation instruments, prescribed in the Affordable Housing 2020 Program, are being made and draft amendments to the Government Decree are to be approved by authorized government bodies. Allocation and sales of new apartments will start as soon as the amended Government Decree is approved. Real Estate Fund will inform citizens on all amendments on our website fnsk.kz.

How is it possible to calculate whether my income is sufficient for obtaining an apartment through rent with buy-out?

Officially confirmed income + official income of family members – all costs (subsistence minimum of family members, credit pays, utility bills)  ≥  amount of monthly rental charge

The method of paying capacity calculation and maximal amount of rental charge calculation will be determined by the regulations of realization of housing and commercial premises of the Real Estate Fund within “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme. It is possible to preliminarily assess your capacities with the help of the following calculation: example: if the difference between your official total income and all costs (expenses) will be equal to the amount not lesser than 52,800 tenge, then your paying capacity is sufficient to apply. The applicants will be given the possibility to use special calculators to calculate their paying capacity when applying per Internet. Having said this, we would like to draw you attention to the following. Person who has been indicated by an Applicant as a family member and whose income has been taken into account at calculation of Applicant’s (co-applicant’s) maximal amount of rental charge, is not entitled to apply independently and to participate in residential space distribution as an Applicant or to be indicated as a family member by another Applicant. This person is entitled to participate independently in residential space obtaining in case if the Applicant’s application was unsatisfied or if the Applicant refused to participate in residential space obtaining or if this family member was excluded from the family members list of the Applicant. The additional information regarding implementation of the “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme will be posted on the official web site (www.fnsk.kz) and published in mass media.

The consultations for the citizens are performed per hot line telephone number: +7 (7172) 63-44-15.

Is it necessary to register in the waiting list at the akimat to obtain rental housing through “Samruk-Kazyna”? Haven’t you informed earlier that it will be possible to conduct this per Internet?

We were suggesting several possibilities of implementation earlier, one of which was realization of  apartments through collecting applications per Internet or per akimat order of priority.
At the moment, these possibilities are on approval at the authorized bodies.

If you meet all requirements and suit all criteria established for register in the waiting list at the local executive authorities, you may certainly queue up at the akimat.

The possibility of distribution of apartments built within “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme through the Akimats will allow to partially unload the queue for apartments which already exists at the akimats. The conditions of apartment obtaining will presumably not change; this is rent with buy-out within 15 years or direct selling. Amount of monthly pays of rent with buy-out in the cities of Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau and their suburban areas at the maximal rent duration of 15 years will make min. 1,600 tenge, in other regions – min.1,300 tenge for 1 sq.m. of total apartment area during the first realization year, without account of utility bills, taxes and apartment insuring.

In case of non-distribution by the Akimats of some part of apartments, it is suggested to enable the Real Estate Fund to conduct implementation within the earlier stipulated mechanism, that is by means of collecting applications per Internet.

Are there any limitations in regard to age to apply for rental housing? Does it make any difference for how many years we are married? If it does, are there other possibilities to apply?

We are implementing the programme of the Real Estate Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” within “Affordable Housing-2020” Programme. In case of housing distribution by the Real Estate Fund, there are no limitations, all full-aged citizens who have sufficient income may apply. It also doesn’t matter to us, whether you are a state employee or a state-paid worker or not, and whether you are married or not. Paying capacity is our main criterion. Sufficiency of paying capacity will depend on what apartment an applicant and his/her family are applying for.

How can we register for the rental housing waiting list and what documents do we need to do that? Advise us please!

For the time being document list, participation regulations and implementation mechanism are under approval. We will be able to advise you more widely only after the appropriate documents are approved.

All news on behalf of the Real Estate Fund will be posted on the Fund’s web site www.fnsk.kz.

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