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Meeting of Real Estate Fund Samruk-Kazyna Management with Unis City Residential Complex lease holders in Aktobe

On November 19 of this year, Managing Director for Marketing and Development - Member of Management Board of Real Estate Fund Samruk-Kazyna, T.N. Kaldybayev held a meeting with apartment lessees of RC "Unis City" (Aktobe).  

The meeting considered challenging issues of taxation according to lease option agreements, improvement of service quality in HCS (Housing and Communal Services), election of the lessees public council, and cooperation of Real Estate Fund Samruk-Kazyna with lessees.     

According to Timur Kaldybayev, Managing Director of Real Estate Fund Samruk-Kazyna, landlords of RC "Unis City" currently do not have a capacity to objectively assess quality and efficiency of residential complex management, as nor service company, or authority have not provided a development plan for this complex.   Since 2016 REF Management LLP is not a wholly owned subsidiary and undertakes two roles. Firstly, a role of management body, organizing service process of residential complex. Secondly, a role of trustee management body, monitoring lease rents and cooperation with lessees.      Absence of actual measures for development of this residential complex negates the effectiveness of business and cooperation in all.   

As an outcome of the meeting, for the purpose of providing regular cooperation and level increase of communication with lessees, Real Estate Fund Samruk Kazyna offered the following:

  1. To create system of public control on implementation of the Plan for residential complex development and service quality.
  2. To appoint members of lessees public council, for which initiative lessees were proposed.
  3. To create lessees chat for cooperation and prompt decisions of outstanding problems.
  4. To identify periodicity and terms of reporting for CAO (Cooperative of Apartment Owners).  

In conclusion of the meeting, lessees spoke out wishes concerning improvement of cooperation efficiency between lessees and Real estate Fund Samruk-Kazyna through newly elected lessees public council.     

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