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Succession candidate pool: development of managers

June 28 this year, there was a meeting of employee pool of Real Estate Fund Samruk Kazyna with an independent member of the Board of Directors A. Houwink.

At the meeting were discussed the main issues of implementation according to the plan of succession and development of the succession pool members for the key positions of the company, management announced its expectations from the succession pool members.

It should be noted that the goal of generating and development of the succession pool is the maximum potential fulfillment of managerial employees, which, according to estimates of senior management of the company and the results of an independent evaluation, showed a good potential for promotion.


Generation of employees pool is made annually based on assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of employees, according to the results of the calibration session at which Management Board members - participants of calibration session recommend the employees to enroll in the employees pool list. The generation of employees pool list is followed by assessment of development level of the management/corporate competencies of the succession candidates. Based on this assessment is finally formed a list of succession candidates and submitted to the Board of Directors.


Development and implementation of the general program of succession candidates.

Objective: development of managerial competencies of succession candidates, applicable for all target positions. In this case, the question is about drawing up a management training program common to all succession candidates, which includes group training (trainings, seminars, master classes, etc.) aimed at developing universal managerial competencies important in any management position in Company.

There is a plan for 2017 to conduct a series of training activities for succession candidates as infosessions for the development of basic management skills.

During the first half year there were three infosessions with the involvement of training and consulting companies such as "Ernst and Young", "PricewaterhouseCoopers", "Corporate University" Samruk-Kazyna" on the topics: "How to set goals for the year", "The role of the team", "Emotional intelligence".

For the second half year are scheduled training sessions on the topics: "Project Management - a strategic session", "4 functions of manager: Planning, Organization, Control, Delegation", "Management decision-making skills", "Motivation for subordinates".


Development of individual training programs for each succession candidate (individual development plan).

Objective: to ensure the preparation of the succession candidate for the requirements of the target position, given its individual features, strengths and weaknesses.

Drawing up an individual development plan for each succession candidate (usually for 1 year), which combines the various methods of developing professional and business qualities necessary for successful work in the target position. Among the main methods of development should be noted:


Development at the workplace - getting a new experience with on-the-job training;


Building capabilities instructions - solution of operating tasks aimed at development of managerial competencies of an employee;


Participating in developing projects - the formation of project groups of succession candidates and other staff to achieve production goals and development of managerial potential of succession candidates;


Temporary replacement - obtaining new managerial experience for succession candidate at appointment ad interim of supervisors;


Learning by experience (work with a mentor) - obtaining the necessary experience from the more experienced colleague or supervisor in joint work;


For the development of competences for informal leadership and social responsibility all employees included in the succession candidate pool during the year will be actively involved in the implementation of social projects, as well as preparation of corporate events.  

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