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Rental payment calculator

Full name
Choice of a Residential Complex
Choice of a type of housing
Cost of the housing acquisition {[ cost ]} тг
The down payment amount (if available, and no more than 50% of the housing acquisition cost)
The effective period of the Agreement for lease with an option to purchase
Number of family members of the Applicant, which shall dwell with the Applicant (including the Applicant, wife (husband) and underage family members)
Number of co-applicants (the family member, which is a co-applicant, and whose income is accounted for in MRPA should be indicated only in line "Number of co-applicants", rather than in line "Number of family members")
Monthly aggregate income (KZT) less the taxes and compulsory deductions

The Applicant's income *

Documented additional income of the Applicant

Income of the Co-Applicant {[ $index + 1 ]}

Documented additional income of the Co-Applicant {[ $index + 1 ]}

Whether the Applicant/Co-Applicant has financial obligations (taxes on vehicle, property, loans, alimony, insurance)
An aggregate amount for loan disbursement per month, Applicant/Co-Applicant
An aggregate amount of tax obligations (taxes on vehicle, land, property) per month, Applicant/Co-Applicant
An aggregate amount of alimony payment per month, Applicant/Co-Applicant
An aggregate amount of expenses for compulsory insurance per month, Applicant/Co-Applicant
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- You will be provided with an accurate calculation and MRPA certificate upon addressing the authorized banks' departments. You may familiarize yourself with the list here
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