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To the partners

With the wide database and continuous monitoring of market the Fund prepares recommendations for developers providing effective cooperation schemes with those Kazakh manufacturer whose products meet up-to-date quality standards.

Thus, the cooperation with the Real estate Fund is a perspective launch pad for many domestic construction companies for their business development. The Fund not only helps companies to stay afloat, makes financial contribution but it is their reliable partner as well fortifying positions of Kazakh construction companies and determining effective development of the domestic construction industry.

Improving Kazakhstan content

The Real Estate Fund provides improving the Kazakhstan content in purchases of developers which are financed by the Fund by the following:

  • control of attendance of Kazakhstan companies in delivering materials and goods under the concluded contracts on financing construction objects;
  • conclusion of memorandums of intentions and cooperation with the large domestic producers on conditions of coordinated upper price limit on construction products - under the Anti-crisis Program 25 Memorandums were signed;
  • conclusion of direct contracts for delivery of construction products between the domestic manufacturer and the developer – currently 106 contracts are signed.